This Time

(I wrote this yesterday. Reposting under prompt since it went unseen.) I felt my numbered days Upon catching a gaze Photographic, without haze Troubled gasps and (ways a heart can still amaze.) Downspout filled with rain As troubled times remain Aflutter in my brain Strolling memory lane (Does this face make me look sane?) Forgot […]

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Wordless, But Not Speechless

I cannot think of a single, . solitary thing to say. That must reflect the way I feel today. Not a single solitary thing. Perhaps it’s also all I should say. Some may prefer it that way until I say I’m telling the pets and the walls everything and more. About what? I shouldn’t say. Not […]

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The Lengths I Go To …

In love, disgust, fester, Poor, Sick, WORSE, Hell, they’re dead Seperately and apart Fuck da rings Bury the fukkers Except the one that’s, Uh, bury one, Da udder’s done cremated hisself with a flaming skeleton key. If ya see da banchee, alert security. They’ll be on stand-by with a straightjacket, 640 cc Tequila, 250 Xanax […]

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Did that little cu-bitch just call ME a ho?   Where so they find those awful boots. Fukkya pair o’albino freaks. 

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Luck’s Ticking…

I open up. You exploit. You open up. I, uh, you’re lucky I’ve grown so much in 20 years. But luck runs out soon as I don’t usually get the house to myself. I’ve already went puppy-dog ears and jammy pants.

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Okay, I need a volunteer. Yeah, you there.  Tonight I have the house to myself.  And I can’t  apply  lotion myself. Sorry, but I pulled a musclein my arm 2 nonths ago and this unlotionable midback is making me cranky.  Please. 😇😘

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Grainy Pipes

Why on earth would I/ pay the piper when I can/ be the piper? God,/ that can be interpreted/ many ways. I mean them all. GRAINY: pipes memory thoughts past …  

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A Path Evolves

A simple gift that takes nothing from you is your ability to say any ONE or a combination of the following: “You seem upset.”  “I am sorry to see you’re sad.”  “I can’t say I understand, but I am here.” “Please know you can call or text me anytime.” “He really said that? What a […]

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